Student Support Services

Providing An Academically Focused Environment

Program Description

The TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education under Title IV of the 1965 Higher Education Act. One of seven TRIO Programs, the Student Support Services Program provides services to students that assist with persistence, retention, and graduation with a baccalaureate degree from a post-secondary institution.

The TRIO Student Services Support Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) creates an academically focused environment that provides academic counseling, tutorial services, career and graduate school exploration, study room support, and referrals to other services. Our goal is to assist students reach their goal through overcoming academic and financial barriers to higher education. For over 30 years, the Student Support Services Program at UIC has served over 600 students in attaining a baccalaureate degree. At UIC the program is also known as the TRIO Academic Support Program.

SSS Program Highlights
Advising & Academic Support

The TRIO Advisor meets with each student and provides:
• Academic support
• Advocacy
• Assistance with identifying academic and personal strengths and challenges
• Assistance with development of career plans.
• Assistance with understanding course selection and identification of a major
• Assistance with time management
• Assistance with understanding Financial Aid policy and procedures
• Referrals to other resources as needed

Outreach is made to students through scheduled meetings on an individual and group basis. Students may be strongly encouraged to meet with the TRIO Advisor on a weekly basis, but no less than two times per academic term, depending on the level of need. This covers issues such as attendance and course work, the financial aid application process, personal counseling, college policies, grades, finding employment, and application to graduate school.

Tutorial Support

After meeting with the program advisor, students are referred to tutoring as needed for the success of the student. Tutoring sessions may be individualized or within a group.

Financial Aid

Students are provided a series of workshops that cover financial aid, financial literacy, and FAFSA understanding and completion to ensure financial forms are completed and submitted in a timely manner.


A series of workshops are offered that address areas such as: academic skills development; time and stress management; wellness; scholarship searches; social etiquette; leadership development; and, study abroad opportunities.

Career & Graduate School Advisement

Career guidance and post-graduate exploration and decision making are supported through individual and group advising, and workshops with the Office of Career Services and the Graduate College. Visits to colleges and universities in Illinois that offer post-baccalaureate programs are scheduled in the fall and spring terms.

Computer Lab

Students are provided a study area with computers that have internet access to assist with completion of homework assignments, checking email, web research, and tutoring interface.