Program Services

Academic Assistance

Staff members work with college advisors to provide assistance with the admissions process, institutional policies, class registrations, graduation requirements, degree programs, transfer guidelines, tutoring referrals, and access to appropriate services on and off campus.

Financial Aid Assistance

Students are provided information and assistance with how to obtain applications, information on scholarships and grant opportunities, and ensure timely filing of the FAFSA. Staff members work closely with various tribal scholarship offices and other scholarship providers to obtain the necessary documentation for applications.

Leadership and Professional Development

Learning experiences such as community service help students develop a sense of social and environmental responsibility.Opportunities to participate in leadership workshops, lecture series, film viewings, social events, and cultural activities are encouraged and provided to promote personal growth and accomplishments.

There are many opportunities within the local Native American community for students.Students can choose to volunteer with the elders, provide tutoring to children at after-school programs or share some of their traditional practices and teachings with their peers.

Genealogy Assistance and Tribal Enrollment Assistance

NASP believes in the right for individual self-determination. Guidance is provided for those that are committed for in-depth research of their genealogic background.

Community Outreach

NASP maintains a working relationship with the city colleges, universities, public schools, tribal agencies, transfer and minority affairs offices, and Native American organizations in the city, state, and nationwide.