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Academic Coaching

NASP Staff members work with college advisors to provide assistance with the admissions process and access to appropriate services on and off campus.

Financial Aid Assistance

NASP Team assists students with questions and concerns regarding financial aid and scholarships.

Leadership & Professional Development

Opportunities to participate in leadership workshops, lecture series, film viewings, social events, and cultural activities are encouraged and provided to promote personal growth and accomplishments.

Genealogy and Tribal Enrollment Assistance

NASP believes in the right for individual self-determination. Guidance is provided for those that are committed for in-depth research of their genealogic background.

Community Outreach

NASP maintains a working relationship with local and national Native American organizations. Participation in NASP provides access to leadership opportunities, internships, summer programs, cultural activities and resources.

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A Celebration of the diversity of Native America & the Indigenous People Across the Nation

This annual event brings together the UIC community and Native American/Indigenous families to celebrate the vibrant cultures of Native America.
This long-standing tradition has been an integral part of the UIC cultural experience for well over two decades.

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Here’s what people are saying about us.
NASP, was my home away from home. I was welcomed and included.Heather Farina, MSW 2009
To this day I credit finding my niche in the Chicago Native community to building a strong relationship with NASP.Lori Faber, LAS 2008
NASP has allowed me to build friendships, both academically and professionally, with other members of the organization.Adam Fahey, LAS 2001
The Native American Support Program is important to me because it allows me to connect to my heritage.Michael Pak, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
The NASP is fundamental for continuing my education as an Indigenous 
Engineer. The program allows me to establish
and embrace my identity while solidifying my academic path.Ninoshka Llontop Lozano, Sophomore, Engineering
I have received very positive support and influence through my involvement with the Native American Support Program.Lane Mita, Senior, Business Administration
It’s an environment where I focus on academics with advisors that care and want to ensure that we don’t fall behind in school
but also one where other students talk about their heritage. I honestly love walking in the office….Horalia Armas, Sophomore, LAS
The Native American Support Program has made an extremely positive impact on my college as well as my personal life.
The NASP and it’s staff create a wonderful atmosphere for research, relaxation, life advice,
and native culture, while also helping me to remain focused on my educational goals.
I recommend the NASP for natives and non-natives alike. Check it out for yourself!David Bibbs, Junior, LAS

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Native American Student Organization

The Native American Student organization (NASO) is open to all UIC students, regardless of race, ethnicity or heritage. Each year, in collaboration with the Native American Support Program and various departments within UIC and community, the students of NASO co-host events on campus to celebrate and recognize Native American culture -past, present, and future. NASO focuses on Native American and Indigenous culture, supporting students, hosting cultural events, and advocating for Native American issues.