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Quick Study Activities

5-Minute Activities

Review study note cards (good for learning: terminology, foreign language vocabulary, math formulas, pharmaceutical/medical terminology, etc�).

Skim a section in a chapter / look over the subtitles in a chapter of your textbook.

Review a page or two of notes.

Look through your planner and remind yourself about what you need to get done today.

Write a “To Do” list.

If you’re feeling stressed, do deep breathing exercises, pray, or meditate.

Call the Writing Center, your professor, or an academic support center to schedule an appointment.

15-Minute Activities

Skim two (2) sections in a chapter.

Organize one of your notebooks.

Make study note cards.

Work a math problem.

Study a diagram in your science textbook.

Review and fill in your lecture notes from one of your classes.

Using your notes, quiz yourself over one of your lectures or textbook chapters.

Update your planner by recording any upcoming assignments or exams.

30-Minute Activities

Read a few pages from one of your books.

Work a few math/chemistry problems.

Review and organize your lecture notes for one class.

Skim an article.

Develop an outline for a paper.

Review some of the textbook readings you’ve recently completed.

Organize a mini study session with a few classmates after class or just prior to class.

Listen to a lecture that you have tape recorded.

Call your friends or parents. Save your study time for study.