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ASP Courses

The following ASP courses are designed to help students meet the reading, writing, study, and learning demands at UIC. ASP courses carry no graduation credit, but they do contribute toward the calculation of tuition, full and part-time enrollment status, and financial aid eligibility.

A.S.P. 060 Resources and Strategies for College Success Do you want to turn the spring semester into an exceptionally successful one and bring up your GPA? Register for this 16-week course in which you will learn study strategies in such areas as time management,test taking and study skills. Get connected to the campus resources that are designed to help you succeed at UIC.

A.S.P. 062 Semester Refresh: Strategies to Finish Strong An 8-week course that introduces and provides practice in special topics related to reading, writing, learning and quantitative reasoning strategies. Promotes positive study techniques that can be applied throughout the semester.

A.S.P. 050 English Communication Skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking for English as a Second Language StudentsDevelop strong English Communication skills through weekly reading and writing exercises that include studying grammar,vocabulary and topics pertaining to American culture.

A.S.P. 055 Communication Skills for International Graduate Students This course develops and increases listening/speaking fluency for English as Second Language students.

A.S.P. 092 Vocabulary Enrichment (or Vocabulary Boot camp!) Are you preparing for standardized test or just hoping to impress people with your vocabulary? ASP 092 is an 8-week intensive course for students who want to expand their vocabulary. Register for this class today in just a short time , you will learn over 400 words.

A.S.P. 090 Critical Strategies for Reading and Writing Success -Undergraduate Critical reading and thinking strategies for comprehending , writing about and learning textbook material representing different academic disciplines. Instruction in writing summaries and syntheses of readings included.

A.S.P. 095 Academic & Professional Writing for International Graduate Students Focuses on formal academic styles and advanced grammar for English as Second Language for upper level undergrads, grads and visiting scholars.