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This text offers basic suggestions and examples guiding students to successful academic writing. The impetus for creating this book began as various writing handouts for UIC international students and visiting scholars.

They urged me to publish this book since it was so useful to them. Moreover, these students also critiqued the material as they worked through the pages during their classes. Initially, each section presents an explanation for the topic introduced; followed by examples; practical exercises using the target writing lesson; and concluding with a final written sample and answer key. Therefore, this text may also be utilized as a workbook.

The section topics were selected by consensus of importance by my students. Notably, students from every corner of the world have contributed to this book. Plus, diverse fields of study have been taken into consideration; such as nursing, additional health fields, engineering, computer science, accounting, business, communications, economics, and political science, just to name more than a few.

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