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Advising and Student Development

Academic advising is essential to the success of the highly diverse population of students at UIC. The African American Academic Network (AAAN) Student Support Program Advising/Student Development component provides a comprehensive plan of services and programs to assist with the retention, persistence, and graduation of our participants. AAAN Advising services are holistic and focus on the unique interests, concerns, and needs of African American students by engaging students in a myriad of success strategies.  The AAAN Advising Team also recognizes the importance of building strong partnerships with students and other stakeholders. Through college and program collaborations, student services will be enhanced by developing working relationships with the College Advisors and other on campus and entities.

  • AAAN Advisors encourage student participants to create a sense of community connected to campus and have a sense of belonging and ownership in their academic, personal, and social development.
  • AAAN Advisors assist student participants with identifying barriers to their academic, personal, and social success while on campus and develop a plan of action for that success.
  • AAAN Advisors foster relationships with student participants which enable students to increase their awareness of their own interpersonal and intrapersonal development, while becoming involved on campus.
  • AAAN Advisors aid student participates in identifying and  clarifying  their personal values, especially those related to scholastic achievement


Below you will find a list of offerings by the AAAN Team:

  • Campus orientation programs
  • Assigned, individual advising
  • Program planning and course selection
  • Career and major exploration
  • Mentoring
  • Personal effectiveness development
  • Assistance with goal setting and effective decision making
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Recruitment And Admission Assistance Team

The AAAN recruitment team offers a full range of admissions services to individuals, organizations, and groups serving the African American community of greater Chicago. Our recruiters perform traditional admissions services such as guiding students through the application process and promoting interest in higher education and college readiness. These services include:

  • College awareness and preparation workshops for elementary through high school audience
  • Scholarship information
  • Presentations at college fairs sponsored by high schools, churches and community organizations
  • Opportunities for applicants to experience UIC for a day through the AAAN Immersion Day and other visitation programs
  • Facilitate admissions through an individualized process
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The Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a place where students can come and experience academic assistance, collegiate nurturing and peer networking in an environment that is supportive and student focused. Student tutors that have proven successful in their courses at UIC are hired and developed in strategies of teaching, learning and study theories meant to assist others students with their course success. Our peer tutors are encouraged to promote students to understand material for lifelong learning and for the development toward post education studies.

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