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Career Experience

Learn the importance of a good resume and cover letter.

Regardless of year in college, it is VITAL that you know the importance of a good resume & cover letter and how it can help you land that perfect job or internship. Your resume speaks for your academic skills, educational goals and professional abilities. You could have a wonderful GPA and a list of outstanding accomplishments but if you do not “present” this information in an “organized” & “creative” manner, your resume will be overlooked and thrown in the “NO INTERVIEW” pile!
It is critical that all graduating seniors graduate with at least 2 year career experience.

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Graduate School

Research, footwork and compromise.

Attending Graduate School can be one of the best decisions a person can make! Going to gradaute school is a tremendous investment of time and financial resources, and you must make sure the investment will advance your career in the desired direction. Not only will it help you earn more money in the long run, but odds are you’ll enjoy a much higher level of job and career staisfaction while you’re earning your money. Preparing yourself to make this decision is a mulitple step process. You will need to analyze your strength, weakness, financial situation, and social situation. You will also need to prioritize your needs. Then set short term goals to help your keep your eye on the prize. This will require much research and footwork as well as compromise.

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Employment & Interships

Work experience gives you the edge.

Relevant work experience own a “tremendous edge” in today’s competitive job market. Employers find students with our internships may be more likely to “have unrealistic views of work, lack maturing and work ethic, lack commitment to the organization, and possess less awareness of business etiquette”, claims a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers survey. It is essential that graduating seniors enter the workforce with at least 1-2 years work experience so they will be ready for the job market.

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