Kameron Campbell

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Kameron Campbell

Determined To Win

Student Details

UIC involvement: I am a new member of The Black Student Union and a returning member of The Collegiate 100, in which, both student organizations function to engage and enlighten incoming and current students of color to resources and opportunities available at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus. Aside from the social organizations, I am also a member of The Pre-Dentistry Club which serves as a guide to the benchmarks I need to reach as I pursue my career in dentistry. Lastly, I am a new addition to a student group called Life Talk which is an open discussion about the Bible and Christianity.

AAAN Involvement: Since my first day at UIC, the African American Academic Network (AAAN) has provided a welcoming and loving environment. As a student I utilize the tutoring services and attend most of the events and seminars which I accredit toward my success. My involvement within AAAN and other support programs such as TRIO and The CHANCE program have been essential to my UIC experience ranging from networking to career development to self-consciousness.