The African American Academic Network (AAAN) seeks to promote success and high impact engagement for African American students through holistic advising, structured learning communities, advocacy and developmental programming.


Students who participate in AAAN programming will graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago as highly engaged leaders prepared to contribute to a global society.

4 C’s

AAAN’s core values can be summed up in what is called the 4 C’s. AAAN’s core values are the foundation for the units of AAAN and the programming that AAAN does. Every AAAN staff person is committed to not only exemplifying the 4 C’s but also fostering these values in our students.

Collection of Diverse Perspectives

AAAN acknowledges, understands the intersections of the social and individual identities of the students that we serve. We understand that the population that we serve is not monolithic, and that it’s complexity is to be embraced. AAAN seeks to not only promote diversity, but rather, inclusion, and serve as a safe space for our scholars.

Community of Care

Among the varied identities that our students possess, AAAN understands that our students are human-first and foremost. Therefore, they have human experiences as they navigate their path through higher education. AAAN seeks to be concerned with the whole student, and gain a full understanding of who they are as they develop personally, professionally, and intellectually.

Contribution to the Intellectual Discourse

AAAN understands that the students we serve engage in realities beyond their campus life. AAAN scholars are affected by policies, legislation, and social constructs that are seemingly beyond their control. In an effort to assist them in processing their social experiences, and larger social phenomena in their environment, AAAN is committed to initiating constructive dialogue around said issues. By creating intentional, inclusive dialogues around these phenomena, AAAN hopes to inspire and empower our scholars as they negotiate their individual identities within larger society.

Commitment to Student Success

Our central purpose is to ensure student success. AAAN provides services, programming, and initiatives that are designed to develop students on multiple levels. From academic coaching to leadership development, AAAN engages its scholars in opportunities enhance their college experience, leading them on a direct path to graduation.